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Monday, June 12, 2006


Last night, A-chan and I went to visit Matthew. Jeff was there and later on Marty came. There were four dude and me. They started talking about their work, computer. All of them are nice but I was getting bored. I don't want to hear any hard science or engineering things when I am off of school. I have enough Math, Physics and Chemistry at school. They gave me a headache. But more than that, I missed Bere. If Bere was there, even though she uses PC for work and she works in the sort of same field with them, it would have been better. Having my girlfriends around is nice, especially nice one like Bere. I miss you Bere. I hope to see you soon and chat with you with tea and sweet that goes well with the tea.


Blogger bereweber said...

oh hi lisa, i miss you too :) our tea talks and many many times (specially when i was perro's roommate) felt how you did that night, too many dudes! you are right! & they are so loud and sooo stubborn, yes and sometimes they go too geeky on their talks, booooring! i am lucky i have you as my girlfriend too, next time you should drop a there and then drive to my house :)

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