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Monday, June 12, 2006

The World Cup and my friends

The World Cup 2006 started. Unfortunately Japan lost to Australia. I don't follow sports much but it was sad to hear that they lost. Some of my friends are excited about the Cup. I can see Roy is spending his time in front of TV.
When I see the result of games, I see names of the countries that my friends and penpals are, Czech Republic, Poland, Mexico, Spain, Italy, France, England, Portugal, Sweden and Netherlands. Then I am wondering how they are doing. I hope all of them are doing fine. One day I want to visit their wonderful countries to learn about their culture. I already met some of them and exchanged a lot of things. I want to thank to my friends to share a lot of things with me. Things they shared with me are my treasure now.


Blogger daisy said...

i wrote about the World Cup in my blog too (, as i told in my previous comment it's in italian, however i told i'm not really interested in soccer too but Mundials are a particular occasion so i take a short look to tv, like yesterday evening for Italy-Ghana 1-0, we won. It was fun because my granmother loves football and said that ghana's players jumped quickly as monkey...i laughed a lot!!
kisses daisy-raffa

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