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Friday, August 04, 2006

Finally it is OVER.... I am FREE!!!!!!!!!!

I just finished my summer school. I am FREE FROM SCHOOL, yeah!!. Oh, I am not totally free from school since I still have 4 more quarters to go but I am done for summer classes. Oh, that was tough. I had two classes, One Chem lab and one lecture for 5 weeks. The lab wasn't bad but I realized how clumsy I am. I can't believe that I am more clumsy than bio-major people. It is sort of embarrasing. Believe or not, there are tons of premed or bio major in my classes, especially O-chem and O-chem lab. I think most of the people in my section were bio-major. I didn't count but when I asked them, they said bio-major. I usually don't prefer bio-major people but I met this sweet girl in my lab class. She was doing the work next to me. She was so nice and seriously sh eis the only girl that are nice among bio-major I have met so far. She is pre-med.
It took me about 5 hours to prepare for a lab, 3 hours everyday from Monday to Thurs, and one or two hours to finish up the lab report. It really takes a lot of time but the subject wasn't so hard, though the final was hard. There was nothing we could have done or studied in order to get an A in the class since the questions he asked us wasn't from the lab classes but more from all the chemistry classes, sort of. I hope I can get at least B... I will see.
The lecture I was taking was hard. The subject isn't hard but because this was 5 weeks course which we usually spend 10 weeks during the normal quarter, I had to memorize a lot of stuff. He taught us new material till the last day, which was yesterday and that new thing was on the final today. It was so hectic but hey, it is over. Yeah. No more O-chem... :-) I realized that how much I miss P-Chem. I like P-Chem more than O-Chem. P-Chem is much more harder and difficult than O-Chem but I loved what we were learning. Even though I am done with O-chem, I have three more synthesis classes which are taught by three O-chem professors. Sucks. I can't get away from it. I want to change my major to Chemical Physics/P-Chem but it is too late. It takes another year if I change my major now. I have bio-chem next quarter, which I heard worse than O-chem. I don't like biology. I have to find a way to study these annoying classes. I really can't stand when I have to memorize things without clue. ... Oh, well, just finish school. That is my plan for now. :-)

I had final on wed for the lab and on Friday for lecture. I slept only 2 hours or so for last a few days. But what I like to do after school is cleaning. So now I am cleaning. :-)

I am so happy that I can have some free time to do what I like. :-)


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