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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

グリーンロイボス Green Rooibos

Yesterday I talked about the tea I bought. This morning, I brewed Green Rooibos because I was very curious how it tastes.
When I open the package, it smelled like green tea, yes the one consumed most in Japan. So I thought, "hm... O.K." From the fragrance of green tea, I expected it to taste like Green tea. I brewed the tea by following the direction on the package. First the color was green exactly like green tea but after steeping for 7 minutes, it became brownish red.
The first sip of the tea was very interesting. It tasted and smelled like green tea but it wasn't. It was sort of combination of Rooibos and Green tea but with stronger Green tea taste. I wasn't sure what to say about this tea. You can imagine the picture of me with a lot of question marks above my head. It wasn't amazing taste like Ceylon or Nilgiri, which are my favorites but it wasn't bad at all. I end commenting about it here by saying "Interesting Taste".

Now I would like to talk about the process of making teas. When I saw the description of Green Rooibos, it says "Unoxidized Green Rooibos". O.K. It is unoxidized. Now it makes sense to me that why it smelled like Green tea because Green tea is oxidized a little bit. (By the way, White tea is not oxidized at all in the process.) Now I have to think why Rooibos is called "Rooibos, Red Bush". Is it green or red originally? So I did some research. Unlike my expectation, Rooibos, even though it means Red Bush, is not red originally. It is green before it is processed. The green bush of Rooibos teas are fermented, sterilized, dried and shifted just like the other green and black teas. Till now I thought Rooibos teas are jusr dried because it is considered as herbal tea. Well, I was wrong about it. I hope you enjoyed the story of Green Rooibos.


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Anonymous daisy said...

yeah, it's really interesing!!!i do love tea, also the green one and the jasmine one, it's delicate but has a unique flavour, my favourite one is orange and cinnamon together but also peach or apple...nt so much red frutis, too strong and sweet!!! I guess the tea japanese tradition is so charming!

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Anonymous arolu said...

Yes, Japanese tea culture is big as well as Taiwanese and Chinese. So you like more dried fruit teas or herbal tea, huh. I usually don't like dried or flavored fruit tea. I like simple black tea kind, like Ceylon, Nilgiri, Assam and stuff like that. Tea shouldn't be sweet though. I guess the sweet tea you are talking about must have artificial sweetner in it. I saw some apple tea with artificial sweetner.

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