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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Difference between Japan and So Cal

こっちの人は普通の道路みたいに高速も乗るけれど、日本では違う。高速を乗るときは、遠出をするとき。こっちでは通勤でも高速を使う。まず高速を乗らずに会社に行く人は少ないだろう。ちなみに私達はあーちゃんは会社がほぼ隣なので徒歩、 私も学校が近いので高速は一区間乗るだけだ。しかも、私の場合は学校に行く時、高速に乗ってすぐ降りるので、降りる人用の車線にいるだけで、高速に乗っている時間は3分くらいだろうか。
There are tons of differences between Japan and So Cal. My sister and her friends' visit made me realized that indeed, America is a car society. You really need a car to do something. Of course people use cars in many countries but here you really need, not want or just want to use. Really need a car to do something here. Here people use highways to commute but in Japan, we don't. In Japan, we have a great public transportation and also we have to pay for highway everytime we use depending on the distance we drive. Yes, it is hell expensive to use highway in Japan.
When you come to visit us, you have to stay at least for a week to enjoy here. Otherwise, you will end up sitting in the car.


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hi lisa
i really like this little article on differences between Japan and So Cal, I should do one on Mexico City differences eh?

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