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Wednesday, June 28, 2006


例の大根の種、黒麦入りの玄米です。これ、大根の種と黒麦がプチプチして、すごくいい食感。ベレの教えてくれたトマトベースのコンソメもご飯とあって、癖になりそうな味です。トマトベースで炊いたご飯だけがおかずでもO.K.なくらいおいしいです。 ちなみにご飯の上は、ひよこ豆のカレーです。

This is the rice I was talking about the other day. It is Daikon Radish seeds, black barley and brown rice. The seeds and barley poped when I bit on them. I enjoyed the texture of them. I made this rice with tomato bouillon Bere introduced me. It was good. I like to make rice with that bouillon now. The thing above rice is chickpea curry/Chana Masala. It was good.


Anonymous daisy said...

Hi lisa, what's this meal?!I can recognise only rice but i don't know the other ingredients, however it looks good....

I moved to another flickr page because there wasn't enough space for more photos and i didn't want to buy an account pro. here it is my new url...i'm taking along time to recontact all the peole i linked take a look to my new photos but this doesn't mean i closed the old one!:-D
a kiss

11:33 PM  
Blogger arolu said...

Hey, there. I wrote about the dish in English now so that you can recognize what it is. Thanks to your post.

I checked your new flickr. I liked some of the pictures there. It is nice. Thanks.

10:18 AM  

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