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Wednesday, June 28, 2006


先日、お姉ちゃんとその友達家族が遊びに来ました。あまり一緒に同行しなかったのだが、一つ気づいたことがあった。それは私の食べる量。前々からはっきりわかっていたのだが、やっぱりこっちに来てからというもの、食べる量がすごい。 こっちに来てから一年もしない間に、食べる平均量が増えていた。やばいな~。やっぱり油物も多いせいか、太り方も違うし。日本に帰っても、こっちに日本人の友達が来ても、やっぱり私の食べる量は違う。本当にダイエット始めないと。でも、学校が始まるとダイエットどころではない。朝の6時から深夜の12時まで、必死に勉強する生活になる。こっちに住み始めて7年余り。修復可能なのだろうか。まだ可能な気がする。30歳目前、それまでにある程度痩せなくては。...

Last weekend, my sister and her friends came here. We didn't go out with them much but there is one thing that I realized about myself. That is the amount I eat. Compare to them, I eat much more. No wonder why I have gained weight in the past. Within a year after I moved here, the amount I eat increased. American food is much more greasier than Japanese food. So the way I put fat around my body is different from the way I put fat around my body when I was in Japan. Obviously the way I put my fat around my torso is NOT a good way and it is unhealthy way to gain weight and put fat. Not only when I stay in Japan but also when my friends from Japan come here, I realized how much I eat. I really have to put an effort to lose weight but once I go to school, that is not that easy since I stay in school from 6 am to 0am for over 18 hours. It has been over 7 years since I lived here. Is it possible to get body I used to have in Japan. I think it is . Reaching to 30 years old, I want to get my body I used to have in Japan.


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