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Friday, June 30, 2006

Different cultures in So. Cal

One thing I like living in California is that I can meet a lot of people from other countries, Mexico, Vietname, Thailand, Iran, Japan and so on... As most of you know, I like cooking and eating. There are lots of restaurants in San Diego, Italian, Middle Eastern, Asian and so on. Of course most restaurants are not as good as the ones in its original countries. Another thing I can appreciate here is that there are some grocery stores from those countries, Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, Vietnamese and so on.


Today I went to Indian grocery store in order to buy Curry leaf, Chana dhal and dry Mango Powder. (Top left: Curry Leaf, Right: Chana Dhal, Bottom left: Dry Mango Powder.) The reason I went there is that I am planning to make Chana Dhal with Dill tonight.

今日は、インドのスーパーに行ってきました。Getしたものは、チャナ豆、カレーリーフ、ドライマンゴパウダー。(左上 カレーリーフ、右 チャナ豆、左下 ドライマンゴパウダー)今日は、今日ゲットしたチャナ豆とカレーリーフで、チャナ豆とディルのカレーを作ります。

Indian grocery stores in San Diego are not as good as Chinese, Japanese or Mexican grocery stores. So when I went in the store, I felt I was alien there. But since there are so many different people from many countries in San Diego, he wasn't rude or anything. Going to different grocery stores is fun for me because I can find things that I never saw before.



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