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Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Most of my friends know, I don't like sweets so much. When I was in Belgium, I bought Leonidas, One of fine Belgium chocolate first time because I heard it is good. I sent stuff I bought in Europe from Delft, Netherlands with the chocolate. I got the package today. I open the box, found stuff I bought and they made me smile. I saw candle Pavla gave me first, then Calypso sauce, Gali, Hot chocolate Pavla gave me, Nutella, some sweets I bought in Belgium and lastly Leonidas. I wanted to have very fine sweets yesterday and today. So I boiled water and prepared my favorite tea from Mariage Freres, The Rouge Bourbon Vanilla, opened the box of chocolate, put one chocolate in my mouth. Oh my gosh, the chocolate was soooo good. I had two more. I really like this chocolate company.


Blogger bereweber said...

it is nice to read you like these sweets, i know you have a very special taste for sweets, so if you like them, it is because they are great!

i just hope you don't finish them all before i see you again ;) i think i better hurry huh?

9:52 PM  
Anonymous daisy said...

mmm, i know belgium's sweets and chocolate are so delicious. Once a friend of mine gave me some little pieces of chocolate with different flavours ad i liked it very much! So have you discover Nutella or di you already know it?! Here in Italy tons of people go crazy for it, i like it but not madly. It's so good with pancakes or crepes or simply spread on a slice of bred!:-P

3:31 AM  

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