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Friday, September 22, 2006

First week of school -real version-

School started on Thursday. First week of school finished. I haven't started my lab class, which starts on Monday. So far, I can tell my life will be busy again. Inorganic and biochemistry don't sound bad but Synthesis class will be. The teacher already told us that this class is hard. One after another, why are classes I am required to take so hard. I thought I finished hard part of P-chem last year. I didn't know that all the sysnthesis classes are hard. I have three more synthesis classes and all synthesis classes I have to take are also graduate classes. Half of the students in those classes are graduate students. It isn't fair, I think. I am so tired of being a student and want to finish school as soon as possible. But it seems like there is no easy way out. ha.... Anyway, I just have to keep going. My friends told me that the lab I am going to start from Monday is tough as well. I am not sure if I should take four classes. If the lab is really hard, I have to drop one of them. ... Too much to do... Anyway, I am not the first person whose major is molecular synthesis. So there must be a way to finish it, though Grade A is not guaranteeded. On Monday I will see how hard the lab class is and I will decide which class I should keep taking...


Anonymous daisy said...

dear lisa, i can really understand your feelings, as you know i'm still a student too and i don't like it, also because it doesn't allow me to search a full time job or to do more important steps in my the way ,as your frieds told you, we must going on and have a strong will to end our studies in order to throw all the books away (joking) and start a new chapter of life, maybe harder, but that's life!!
a big hug daisy r.

3:35 AM  
Blogger bereweber said...

hi Lisa, how are you?
I understand you too because the life of student is very hard, I haven't study full-time in a while, but the past semesters when I was taking a class plus work, even if they were "mild" classes, it was hard to coordinate school

Studying seems to require even more of your time and mental exhaustion than work!

I am proud of how hard you've been working at school, but take it easy too!

I wonder if you dropped the Synthesis class after all, I somehow think you should :)

a supportive hug


12:22 PM  
Blogger arolu said...

Hi, Raffa, yes, we know Nutella. Actually I have it at home now. I also went to this sweet place with Bere and her mom and her mom had Gianduia(Gianduja). Chocolate is not definitely my favorite sweet but some of the chocolate in this world is good.
Hi, Bere, yes, I dropped the hard class. I realized if I want to learn something, I need time and I can't have more than 3 classes/quarter. So yesterday I dropped it finally. I am happy because I have more time for lab so that I can think real chemistry. Also that class, the difference of the score between grad students and undergraduates is huge, 10 points out of 50 points. So I definitely need time for that class. I am glad that I dropped it and can hang out with you more.

7:47 PM  

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