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Thursday, October 26, 2006

久しぶりの更新 Update for the first time in a long time...

I haven't updated any news in this page. I tried to write some interesting things happened to me but I was lazy and went away... But today I decided to write something because I can't concentrate on studying. The textbook we use for inorganic chemistry sucks. Seriously. I have no idea what the heck the author is taking about. It is really strange. It is not hard subject but he is really bad at explaining things. My professor even admitted today that he thinks this book sucks but he uses it because the professor who used to teach this class recommended him this book. My professor used to teach this class for 10 years or so but he didn't for the last two years, I believe. He told us that he didn't teach last year even though he was scheduled to teach because he was diagnosed as cancer. Luckily he recovered well and is teaching this class this quarter. He is very nice and I like this class and this teacher. But really the textbook sucks.

I also wanted to update because my friends read this page. I don't list my blog to the public. So the only people who read this page is my friends. There aren't much people reading this page. I got e-mail from one of my friends the other day and realized that she was enjoying my page. That made me happy. :-)

Two days ago, I made Japanese food, Oden but it was special kind, yes, Miso Oden from Aichi region, where I am from. (Oden is a hot-pot with daikon radish, some fish cake like things and some veggies.) It was sooooooooo good. On the way home from school, I was thinking of what to make for dinner. I didn't want to eat any meat or chicken. I felt like eating soup but I didn't think of any soup I wanted to eat. All of sudden, I wanted to make Miso Oden and eat warm white rice with the sauce from Oden. So before I went home, I decided to go to Japanese store to get the ingredients. I came home and start cooking because the longer it is cooked, the better it gets. After cooking it, I decided to make rice because I really wanted to eat white rice with the Miso Oden sauce. When I open the case I store rice, I realized that there were only one cup of rice... But better than nothing. I planned to eat white rice a lot but I couldn't but that was O.K. I enjoyed the food.

Speaking Miso Oden, when I was small, I didn't like Miso Oden. I don't know why but I prefer normal Oden. As we age, what we like changes. Funny. Lately I have been eating things I didn't like. Does it mean I am OLD? I aged...??







Anonymous あづま said...


先日、千種にある味噌おでんのお店に連れて行ってもらったのですが、なんとおひとりさま8,000円より! 味噌おでんなのに(笑)


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