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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Racoon 狸

I saw a racoon today while we were walking. He was picking the garbage in the parking lot of Ericsson. I was happy to see the racoon because we see animals less and less due to construction in the city. A few years ago, we saw Opossum in our old appartment. Even though San Diego is a small big city with a million people, we are losing a lot of trees and nature where animals used to live. Since we moved, we see some bunny rabbits around our place. I am worried that they might have to move because of a lot of constructions around here. I hope they keep living here or protect nature around here.



Anonymous daisy said...

really??!!I'd love to see a must be so lovely!!!
You know, last week some friends of mine went to San Diego for an International Maths Congress. Last year this congress was done in Taormina, and it was there i knew these people, coming from different countries..if i had had money i would have come for both reasons, to meet you and to see them again....why does travelling cost so much?

1:45 AM  

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