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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

With Pavla's dried Mushroom

The other day I talked about the X-mas gift I got from Pavla. One of them was dried mushroom she dried. I had been thinking of what to make. Soup, Rice...? Today I was thinking of making Pasta with broccoli. So I started boiling water, and cutting broccoli. Then I thought "Oh, how about adding Pavla's dried mushroom!". So I did. I started soaked her dried mushroom in water while I was waiting for water to boil. When water started boiling, I added pasta and broccoli in the hot water. While I was waiting for pasta to be done, I sauted sliced garlic in olive oil, then added hydrated dried mushroom. When pasta is done, I mixed broccoli with the mushroom sauce and mixed it well, then added pasta. I thought of adding parmesan cheese but instead I added butter. It was good. Děkuji!!, Pavla for your dried mushroom. Hm... I am thinking of what to make with it again. !! Cooking is FUN. Děkuji!!



Blogger bereweber said...

oh Lisa, yeah! that dish you came out with looks really good! do you still have some? Please let me know when you make the mushroom again, any way you cook it, I am very willing to try :)

11:32 PM  
Anonymous Lisa said...

Thanks, Bere. I will probably make Mushroom rice with her dried mushroom. :-)

4:11 PM  

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